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GitHub Enterprise with a VPN

Whitelisting Axolo Proxy Servers in GitHub Enterprise Behind a VPN

When your GitHub Enterprise is protected by a VPN, it's crucial to ensure Axolo's proxy servers are whitelisted for seamless integration. By following this two-step guide, you'll be able to properly whitelist Axolo's servers and share your credentials safely.

Step 1: Whitelist Axolo's Proxy Server IP Addresses

The first step involves whitelisting the IP addresses of Axolo's proxy servers. Axolo uses two IP addresses which our proxy might switch between without prior notice. To ensure Axolo functions properly, make sure to whitelist both of them.

Here are the IP addresses you need to whitelist:

Your VPN settings or firewall configurations should allow you to add these addresses to a whitelist, ensuring that traffic from these IPs can pass through.

Step 2: Check the box

Make sure you tick the box when communicating us your credentials during the onboarding, like on this image:

Updated on: 26/05/2023

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