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How to delete all my data on Axolo?

If you decide to delete all your data on Axolo, you will then need to onboard from scratch again if you want to use Axolo in the future.

Delete all data and access as a GitHub user

If you are using GitHub with your engineering, the easiest way to delete all your data on Axolo is to uninstall the Axolo integration on GitHub. When our service is notified that you have uninstalled the application, we automatically delete all your data.

Go on GitHub,
Go to your organization settings,
Click on GitHub App,
On the line, click Configure,
At the bottom of the page, click on Uninstall "".

All your data will be deleted and we won't receive any more webhooks from your organization.

Delete all data and access as a GitLab user

There are three steps to delete all your data and access as a GitLab user:

On the personal Application Page of the Admin that installed Axolo, revoke the Axolo for Slack application,
On your GitLab group webhook settings, delete the webhook going to the address,
Ask our team through Crisp (our chatbox at the bottom right of your screen) to delete all your remaining data.

Updated on: 04/01/2023

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