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Troubleshooting: GitLab Webhook Issues

Issue: GitLab Stops Sending Webhooks to Axolo

If you're experiencing issues where it appears that GitLab is no longer sending webhooks to Axolo, it could be due to delayed responses from our API. GitLab might discontinue sending webhooks if our API doesn't respond within their specified timeout period.

Verify that your webhooks are failing in your GitLab Group Settings / Webhooks

If you have a failing webhooks GitLab will show you an error here:

Solution: Updating GitLab Webhook via Axolo

To resolve this issue, you can manually request Axolo to refresh the GitLab webhooks. Here's how you can do it, as illustrated in the screenshot below:

After you've performed these steps, Axolo will re-establish the webhook connections, and you should start receiving notifications as expected.

You're missing some MRs in Axolo?

If you are experiencing missing merge requests due to a disconnect, head toward Some pull requests are missing to save the missing MRs.

Updated on: 20/11/2023

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